About Airudi

Airudi was born from an idea: 

making people the heart of organizations again

Airudi was born from an idea: 

making people the heart of organizations again

Pape Wade

Amanda Arciero

Having collaborated for several years, Pape and Amanda, two colleagues passionate about human resources, shared the same observation. Every day, they observed how their profession was engulfed in exhausting and repetitive processes, which brought little added value while consuming precious time. Moreover, they saw mountains of data accumulating in Excel workbooks and files, treasures of unexplored information sleeping quietly. 

One day, a bold idea emerged from a conversation: what if we used this data effectively to make better decisions and take a more strategic approach to human resources? This is the spark that was going to give life to Airudi.

Founded in 2019, Airudi was the result of this vision of transformation in HR management. Pape and Amanda, strong in their human resources expertiseidentified immense potential: transforming human resources management by capitalizing on the wealth of available data and the power of artificial intelligence.  

Guided by the mission of putting people at the heart of organizations, they have developed innovative solutions for recruitment, occupational health and safety management, and workforce optimization. These platforms not only responded to the current challenges of managers, but also accompanied the transformation of the world of work, where challenges are numerous and complex.  

Over the years, Airudi has expanded its applications to make significant contributions to organizational staff management. By creating added value for workers and society, Pape and Amanda saw their vision come true: Airudi had become a key player in the human resources revolution, unleashing the full potential of organizations and their people.

Our mission

At Airudi, we develop innovative AI-driven and human-centric solutions to help organizations meet their human and operational challenges. 

Our vision

A global presence and recognition for its HR expertise, which democratizes access to AI through innovative, adaptable, and value-generating solutions for our customers. 

Our name is Airudi. It pronounces itself like the word erudite. In fact, it is a derivative from it.  

At the heart of our name lies an ingenious fusion of artificial intelligence (AI) and erudition. We give our clients the keys to human resource management learning by providing them with world-class technological tools.  

We have brought together a multidisciplinary team of experts in AI and HR. Together, we form an unstoppable force dedicated to creating value for organizations and their people by leveraging the relevance of data and the capabilities of AI. 

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