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AI to power your operations and teams

From the shortage of skilled labor to the need for rapid adaptation to technological changes, the challenges related to workforce management in the manufacturing industry are as numerous as they are complex. Companies must not only meet production requirements but also ensure that safety, efficiency, and employee satisfaction are achieved.

Faced with this real-life Tetris game, solutions exist to ensure you place the right pieces in the right spots to solve the complex puzzle of HR management in the manufacturing industry. At Airudi, our AI solutions are designed to help you navigate these challenges effectively.

Workforce Prediction
and Allocation

Occupational Health
and Safety


For optimal and proactive management of operations and resources

Imagine a solution that allows you to deploy your workforce optimally, taking into account the skills, availability of each person, collective bargaining rules, and more. All this while anticipating maintenance needs to avoid unexpected interruptions.

This is now possible thanks to AI, which can help you analyze and forecast your needs based on your operational context, considering a multitude of factors, transforming complexity into smooth and proactive management.

AI is that ally for optimizing your processes, strengthening health and safety, and creating a high-performing, human-centered workplace at the heart of the supply chain.

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