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Your AI-HR Transformation Partner

Airudi supports you in implementing artificial intelligence (AI) for your HR processes.

It’s an ambitious challenge we embrace with our world-class expertise and unique tools.

Count on us to integrate cutting-edge solutions that align with your business objectives. Leverage AI, machine learning, and data analytics. Our innovative technologies will positively transform your operations and HR function.

Together, let’s create more value for your company.

Workforce Prediction
and Allocation

Prévision, optimisationet allocation de la main d’oeuvre

Make winning decisions by enhancing the fluidity and efficiency of your operations and workforce management through AI prediction.

Occupational Health
and Safety

Santé, sécurité au travail

Anticipate accident and incident risks with AI, focus on advanced prevention to boost productivity and ensure the safety of your people.


Recrutement augmenté

Accelerate your recruitment processes and target the most qualified candidates for a given position in record time
with AI.

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