Enhanced Recruitment

AI that helps you recruit better,
faster and on a larger scale

Recrutement augmenté

Imagine the ideal recruitment partner: fast, accurate and fully in line with your selection criteria. An ally that guarantees you meetings only with the most suitable candidates for each position. Does that tell you?  

Designed by HR experts for industry professionals, our solution drastically reduces recruitment time, up to 80%!



Free your teams from the administrative burden and focus on the most important thing: building strong relationships with candidates and successfully integrating them into your organization.

Post, Meet, Hire!

Learn how Airudi’s expanded recruitment platform can simplify your daily life by joining your team. With artificial intelligence, we optimize every step of your recruitment process. Our technology analyzes profiles in depth and recommends the most promising applications to suit your expectations and requirements. 

Sort applications and
analyze CVs

Let AI revolutionize the management of your applications by automatically sorting profiles according to your specific criteria. Save valuable time and identify the candidates that best suit your needs. 

of candidates

Through in-depth data analysis, our AI tool recommends the most promising profiles, aligned with your business requirements. Discover a new way to identify the talents that will make a difference. 

of interviews

Gain efficiency by avoiding agenda conflicts and ensuring smooth coordination with candidates. Make recruitment an enjoyable and effective experience. 

Increased productivity

Get rid of repetitive and time-consuming tasks with automation. AI boosts the productivity of your recruiters, allowing them to focus on the essential: building quality relationships with candidates. 

A smoother and more efficient
recruitment process


reduction in recruitment time 


more time spent with candidates


increase in recruiter productivity 

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