Workforce Prediction and Allocation

AI that helps you
meet your workforce
planning challenges

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Workforce Prediction
and Allocation

Do more… with less! 

Many organizations are faced with the need to conduct more tasks, but with fewer resources. A phenomenon exacerbated by the retirement of part of their workforce, and the scarcity of new talents to take over.

To meet the challenges of workforce planning and allocation, Airudi has developed an innovative, human-centric solution at the heart of the supply chain. 

Featuring state-of-the-art predictive capabilities, this solution enhances predictability and ensures strategic and effective employee deployment for each specific operation, thereby optimizing overall performance and efficiency. 

Anticipate, Plan, Optimize!

Our workforce prediction and allocation solution, powered by AI, analyzes historical trends and current data to accurately anticipate your human resources needs. This proactive planning allows you to avoid staffing surpluses or shortages, ensuring that you always have the right talent at the right time to maximize your organization’s operational efficiency.

Forecasting demand

Learn how our tool can transform your historical data into accurate predictions to anticipate your staffing needs. Adjust your planning and avoid workforce imbalances for optimal resource management. 

Planning schedules

Let the tool offer you tailor-made schedules that match the skills, qualifications and preferences of your employees. Enjoy smart planning that combines operational efficiency and the well-being of your teams.

Allocating resources

Take advantage of the power of AI for strategic resource allocation. With a thorough analysis of your data, ensure the optimal allocation of your assets for maximum performance. 

Skill management
and training

Stay at the forefront of developments in your industry. Identify training needs and develop the skills of your employees to meet the challenges of tomorrow. 

Optimizing processes

Transform your operational reality. Detect inefficiencies, eliminate congestion, automate for increased productivity, and better use of available resources. 

Measurable and tangible profits 

Estimated savings:
20 to 30% of labour costs

Better balance between personal life and work-life  

90% accuracy on labour deployment  

3X more effectiveness in staff planning 

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