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Rethinking HR Management in Health 

Every day, healthcare managers, whether in paramedical services, hospitals, or private clinics, face a huge challenge: balancing the specific needs of their staff with the quality of care provided, while responding to a constant increase in demand. The balance is fragile, and the challenges are multiple.  

But what if you were offered a revolutionary tool to harmonize all these elements? In the age of artificial intelligence, you now have a new ally for optimized human resource management. AI is this innovative solution that transforms your daily life into a smooth and efficient process.

Workforce Prediction
and Allocation

Occupational Health
and Safety


For more smooth, predictable,
and efficient management

By strategically leveraging data, it is possible to better anticipate increased search times, changes in care paths, and specific diagnosis increases. All these factors have an impact on the planning and allocation of good workforce at the right time.  

By having a better insight into these factors, you will be able to optimize the way we manage the workforce, whether in resource allocation or skills development and upgrading. 

This is why Airudi’s Health division is dedicated to developing innovative solutions to meet the challenges of staff management in the field of health. The objective is to address the complex challenges of operational efficiency, optimization of human resources and employee well-being, while improving access to care for the population. By leveraging the latest technological advances and adopting a human-centric approach, Airudi’s Health Division is committed to being a catalyst for positive change, thereby improving health care for all.  

Marc Plamondon

Vice-President and General Manager,
Health Division

Ready to drive your
Health Human Resource

Meet an expert in the field to
help you
identify the best solutions
to meet your challenges.

Marc Plamondon, an experienced human resource management expert, bringing more than 30 years of experience as a strategic business partner in leading global organizations. Today, he is channelling all his energy and expertise to transform the health sector.

Its objective is to support public and private agencies in effectively addressing their human resource management challenges. By focusing on a more accessible, functional, and patient-centred healthcare system, Marc is committed to creating an environment where quality of care and staff well-being are at the heart of priorities.

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