AI for Transport

Artificial intelligence,
a motor of innovation
in transport

IA en transport

Better anticipation for better deployment

Airudi offers practical solutions to optimize the management and deployment of your workforce. Considering the skills and availability of your employees, as well as legal and operational constraints, our AI designs schedules that maximize efficiency while ensuring the well-being of your workers.  

When unexpected events occur, such as delays in delivery, sudden employee absences or last-minute changes, Airudi’s AI and predictive analysis enable you to quickly adjust your schedules in real time. This reduces disruption in quality service, regardless of circumstances.

Workforce Prediction 
and Allocation

Occupational Health
and Safety


AI as a transformation lever
logistics and transport

In the world of transport, every minute is precious and each decision has a direct impact on the fluidity of travel, whether it is goods or passengers. Effective workforce management, health and safety at work, and recruitment are at the heart of your concerns. This is where Airudi, with its innovative artificial intelligence solutions, turns out to be an ally of choice.  

With our AI-powered tools, you get innovative tools to turn your human resources management into an initiative-taking strategy. The ability to anticipate needs, adjust the deployment of your teams, ensure health and safety at work, and effectively recruit is realised, giving you greater control of your operations.  

Mathieu Charbonneau

Vice-President and General Manager,

Transport Division

Ready to transform your logistics into transportation? 

Meet an expert in the field to help you identify the best solutions to meet your needs. 

As Vice President and Director General of Airudi’s transport division, Mathieu Charbonneau puts his expertise to the service of customers in the logistics, freight, and passenger transport sectors, as well as to the benefit of international transport projects. With a holistic and innovative approach, he is committed to developing integrated, sustainable transport solutions that meet the diverse and ever-changing needs of the market. 

Through his career, he has worked at the intersection of logistics, process change and innovative projects. The scope of its expertise includes logistics strategy, supply chain integration and logistics optimization. 

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