Enhanced recruiting

AI that helps you recruit better,
faster and on a greater scale

Optimize recruitment

Artificial intelligence that works for recruitment


We offer a unique, innovative recruitment solution. Powered by artificial intelligence, our platform helps you find the best talent for your company in record time.

Triple your qualified candidates and reduce your number of interviews by three quarters.

Simplify your recruitment processes and help your teams focus more on connecting with candidates.

AI for HR

The AI that helps you recruit

A self-learning solution that recognizes the best candidates


Powered by AI, our solution thoroughly reads profiles. It finds potential candidates that fit what you are really looking for. Our algorithms go beyond mere keywords and recognize career profiles.

For example, our solution covers the following situations:

  • An intermediate-level programmer is a much better candidate for a programming role than a senior data scientist.
  • An occupational health and safety management specialist is a much better candidate than an HR generalist for a prevention role.
  • A print designer is a better candidate than a web designer for a graphic design position in a printing company.
AI for HR

How does it work?

Automatic profile analysis

Extract relevant information in a fraction of a second. Our parser provides unrivalled accuracy and speed when converting profiles to XML or JSON.

ATS data mining

Optimize your candidate database with advanced search, intelligent recommendations and a complete history of every candidate.

Candidate search and preselection

Find and hire the right people using powerful candidate search and compatibility tools.

Scheduling interviews

Contact identified candidates by e-mail or text message to confirm their interest. Schedule an interview with just a few clicks or let the candidate select a time slot.

Concrete results



Completed applications

Count on the power of our solution’s chat, simplicity and speed. Create a lasting commitment and reduce the application dropout rate.


Reduced recruitment time

Chat instantly with active and passive candidates. Get to know potential candidates even before you meet them.


Increase in recruiter productivity

Save time, eliminate repetitive tasks and focus on value-added activities.

Powered by science

A unique technology that automatically finds the best profiles

Our algorithms use semantic analysis to establish correlations between HR data and candidates. Our solution detects weak signals in a profile and makes connections between several types of jobs that may interest a candidate.

Our AI truly understands your needs and those of the position to be filled. At the time of the preselection interview, our chatbot asks questions that are relevant and tailored to the situation. In this way, our solution helps you automatically find the most suitable candidates for the position and your company.

AI for HR
AI for HR

Enhanced recruiting

Meet the ideal candidates for your company

Hiring processes can take up to 56 days. Our platform reduces the time frame to about 72 hours, while making the candidate experience much more enjoyable.

The chatbot communicates with candidates by e-mail or text message. Our AI preselects candidates based on your criteria and instructions. Then, it gives you a detailed list of the most suitable profiles for the open position.

In the end, you are better positioned to meet the ideal candidates and make your decision.

Do you want more info about our enhanced recruitment solution?

Our state-of-the-art software solutions super-charge your business and make people a priority. Teaming up with Airudi empowers your human resources by leveraging the ultimate in AI.

Helping companies build value and people reach their peak potential: it’s what we do.


Decision support

HR data-driven decision making that empower your organization.


Performance evaluation

Help your employees reach their full potential with our agile, proactive solution.

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