Analytics for HR

Analytics for HR information

Airudi analytics: measure and analyze HR information,
make data-driven and informed decisions.

Our technology solutions include a powerful analytical component that supports human resources management. This allows you to measure several crucial aspects of your organization, including performance, productivity, health and safety, and labour relations. Our analytical tools promote a fact-based management approach.

Our platform collects and analyzes your data, helping you establish your strategic objectives. Our dashboards provide information in the best format for your needs. Our technology helps you measure and understand your HR metrics.

Our analytical solution turns your data into useful knowledge. All of this comes together to inform your decisions.

AIR for HR


Decision support

HR data-driven decision making that empower your organization.


Enhanced recruiting

Hire better, faster and on a greater scale with AI.


Performance evaluation

Help your employees reach their full potential with our agile, proactive solution.

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