Global Smart Services for Administrations: A collaboration dedicated to digital transformation and competitiveness

Three leading companies, ADIAS, AIRUDI, and SOGET, have collaborated to form “Global Smart Services for Administrations,” an initiative aimed at improving the delivery of government services on a global scale. These three companies, based respectively in Mauritania, Canada, and France, have created a consortium of 400 collaborators using artificial intelligence and digital technology to offer customized solutions to governments to support them in their digital transition.

This collaboration provides a “One-Stop-Shop” for the digital transition of countries, automating data sharing between logistical actors and administrations, simplifying the dematerialization of permits and certificates, and facilitating performance management through data exploitation. The goal is to move from a manual approach to optimal digital services, evolving towards a “Smart Port” and “Smart Country”. The companies, covering Europe, Africa, North America, and Southeast Asia, bring complementary skills in the fields of web technology, artificial intelligence, facilitation of foreign trade, blockchain, IoT, and computer security. This collaboration also aims to stimulate operational excellence and the competitiveness of ports, airports, and logistics chains.

Global Smart Services for Administrations, with a turnover of 29 million euros, has more than 60 references, demonstrating its expertise and positive impact. It reaches over 30,000 users worldwide, offering tailored solutions that revolutionize the delivery of government services. With its commitment to operational excellence, Global Smart Services for Administrations establishes itself as a major player in driving digital change.

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